The San Francisco Giants have 11,461 wins through the 2023 season, making them the team with the most wins in National League history. The Los Angeles Dodgers are second, with 11,334 wins.

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These days, the Giants and Dodgers are bitter rivals in the National League West division, carrying on a tradition that saw them slug it out for N.L. pennants during the first 70+ years of their existence.

The Giants began life in New York in 1883, playing through 1884 without a team nickname. They became the New York Giants for the 1885 season and never looked back.

The Dodgers, meanwhile, sprang to life in Brooklyn for the 1884 season, again unnamed. They became the Brooklyn Bridegrooms in 1889 and 1890, went nameless again from 1891 through 1894, then spent 1895 through 1898 as simply the “Grooms.” From 1899 through 1910, they were the Superbas, with “Dodgers” first showing up from 1911 through 1915. After playing as the Robins from 1916 through 1931, the Brooklyn team became the Dodgers for good in 1932.

Before the 1958 season, the Giants and Dodgers both left New York to land in their present cities.

Along the way to all those regular-season wins, the Giants have won 23 National League pennants and 8 World Series.

The Dodgers have also captured 25 National League pennants, winning 7 World Series.

Did you know? Hall of Famer John McGraw has the most wins as Giants manager, leading the New York squad to a 2583-1790 record from 1902 through 1932.